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Looking Forward

Leveraging our History and Creating Scalability for Tomorrow.

After experiencing 7 years of year over year growth, HC360 began on a new journey in the technology and services space. In addition to its core business, HC360 has co-developed proprietary software that allows us to improve an entire segment of the healthcare industry. We have developed our own cloud based “Diagnostic Coding Tool”, which provides “real-time” coding of diagnostic testing specific to medical necessity verification and billing compliance. developed other innovative technologies and services. The patented “AI” technology provides for full lab testing at Point of Care.  Simultaneously run PCR test in under 20 minutes, Antigen test with 100% sensitivity, with reader in 3 minutes. To speed up customer acquisition and our ability to grow the software license fee component of the business, our program also includes and provides the hardware units as “rental units”. Additionally, we have finalized a joint venture with a patented mobile lab, AWE Medical Group, that can provide remote testing for over 600 different lab tests with rapid results. The “always connected” integration with the cloud, provides us the ability to move “actionable data” to the most important recipient.

We have created an “exclusive” offering that none of our competitors have with the combination of the body scan device, the patented mobile lab, and our patented software. Our patented technology and software is the game changer for diagnostic technologies as we know them today.


The relationships that we build with our clients begins with honesty and integrity and is at the core of collaborative client approach. We leverage our industry knowledge to fulfill our clients’ needs and provide best in class solutions. Our clients can count on our responsiveness, attention to detail, and ability to accurately determine their needs.  

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