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Henderson, Nevada

HealthCare360 Offices


Founded in January 2010, Healthcare 360, Inc. (HC360) initially began as a Physician Practice Management Firm. Over the years HC360 would build and manage one of the most successful ACO’s in the Medicare Shared Savings Program. This network managed costs while caring for one of the most complex patient populations in the ACO program. HC360 would also develop a Revenue Cycle Management division. With the convergence of value-based reimbursements, billing, and compliance regulation changes, HC360 would begin a data analytics program using proprietary tools to automate many of the billing and collection processes. This dive into data analytics and software development has proven useful.

Over time…

Write up cover how over time these companies have formed

Looking Forward

Leveraging our History and Creating Scalability for Tomorrow.

After experiencing 7 years of year over year growth, HC360 began on a new journey in the technology and services space. In addition to its core business, HC360 has co-developed proprietary software that allows us to improve an entire segment of the healthcare industry. We have developed our own cloud based “Diagnostic Coding Tool”, which provides “real-time” coding of diagnostic testing specific to medical necessity verification and billing compliance. developed other innovative technologies and services. The patented “AI” technology provides for full lab testing at Point of Care.  Simultaneously run PCR test in under 20 minutes, Antigen test with 100% sensitivity, with reader in 3 minutes. To speed up customer acquisition and our ability to grow the software license fee component of the business, our program also includes and provides the hardware units as “rental units”. Additionally, we have finalized a joint venture with a patented mobile lab, AWE Medical Group, that can provide remote testing for over 600 different lab tests with rapid results. The “always connected” integration with the cloud, provides us the ability to move “actionable data” to the most important recipient.

We have created an “exclusive” offering, that none of our competitors have with the combination of the body scan device, the patented mobile lab, and our patented software.  




Tripp Jones

President & Chief Executive Officer

The founding partner of Healthcare 360, Mr. Jones brings 35+ years of healthcare experience to bear. Prior to HC360, Tripp was also the founding partner of Automated Solutions, Inc...


Ira H Copeland, M.D.

Board Certified Internal Medicine, Partner & Medical Advisor

A graduate of Maryland School of Medicine in 1981, Dr. Copeland practiced in Baltimore as a staff and solo practitioner for 18 years. In 2002 Dr Copeland moved west to Las Vegas and took up private practice with Internal Medicine Associates...


Tom Langeland

Chief Marketing Officer

Founder and President of TEL Enterprises, Mr. Langeland has over 20 years of Healthcare and Marketing experience. Prior to TEL Enterprises, Inc., Mr. Langeland founded Alaris, Inc...


Darryl Kauffman

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Kauffman joined Healthcare 360, Inc. in September 2020, as CFO and will also lead the financial analyst program for our Physician clients. Darryl brings a wealth of experience as a CPA and founder...


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Looking Forward
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